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POS, EFT & CCTV Till Integration


Retail POS,  EFT & CCTV Till Integration

Design & Layout of All Pipework

Retail POS is a small footprint scanning EPOS system that can be used in both fuel and non-fuel environments. With a 12.1" colour TFT touch screen, fast thermal printer, and cheque printing option, transaction processing is both swift and accurate.

The system can be installed on a range of Epson hardware platforms. Up to nine pay positions can be connected to the network and these will communicate in real time with the back office computer system.

Retail POS has options for integrated pump control, CCTV, EFT facilities with on-line authorisation and cashback, and local credit accounts, enabling the system to be tailored to your exact store requirements.



Total Containment Installation

  •         Secure login with access control and electronic audit
  •       Global and detail view of forecourt activity with CCTV link
  •       Post-pay and pre-pay fuel dispenser control
  •       Optional fuel transaction late payment alarm
  •       Sales by department, PLU, barcode, and quick action keys
  •       Product control by quantity, weight, volume or service
  •       Void, refund, suspend, discount and surcharge facilities
  •       Promotions package for both fuel and shop goods
  •       View and print historical transactions for the last 20 days
  •       Age checking for alcohol, tobacco and lottery sales
  •       Trading hour checking for alcohol sales
  •       Price enquiry and price override facilities
  •       Euro conversion, split tendering and PAN key entry
  •       Shift suspend facility
  •       Fuel price changing - immediate or scheduled
  •       Fuel delivery monitoring
  •       Shift, tank gauge and EFT polling reports
  •       Credit customer access via card or look-up list
  •       CCTV camera monitoring and snapshot facility
  •       Till monitoring CCTV interface
  •       Weigh Scales interface
  •       Customer Incentive Facility
  •       CCTV image capture of all customer till transactions.




Retail Pump Installation

For fuel retailers, the LAN based DOMS PSS5000 forecourt controller provides all major types of fuel dispensers and tank gauges with an interface into the Retail POS system. Both post-pay and pre-pay self-service operation is supported. Please note that your fuel dispensers will need to be equipped with slow-flow valves in order to use the pre-payment facility.

Amongst the many new features that the new PSS5000 offers is a web-based remote maintenance access facility that speeds up diagnosis and repair of forecourt related equipment.

Supported Fuel Dispensers

  •         Gilbarco
  •       Tokheim
  •       Wayne Dresser
  •       Pumptronic
  •       Tatsuno
  •       Petrolec


Support Tank Gauges

  •         Normond
  •       CMS
  •       Veeder Root
  •       Egimin




Complete Forecourt Installation

For non-fuel retailers or fuel retailers that are not contracted to a specific oil company, the most efficient and streamlined EFT solution is the Retail POS Integrated System. This provides APACS Standard 50 polling and APACS Standard 30 on-line authorisation and cashback facilities, as well as an upgrade path to full Chip and PIN by means of the LAN- based Verifone 3750 terminal or the Dione Xtreme PIN Pad. 


CCTV Till Integration

Tank & Canopy Installation

Connecting any of the Axis range of network cameras shown below to Retail POS will provide the following facilties:

  •        Automatic digital image collection, storage and display for all fuel transactions.
  •       Automatic digital snapshots of all customer transactions at each till position
  •       Operator access to all network CCTV cameras from any Retail POS till screen.

When an operator authorises a fuel transaction to commence, Retail POS instructs the appropriate network camera to take a digital snapshot of the person and vehicle at the fuel dispenser. This image can then be viewed by any operator on any of the Retail POS tills once the transaction has been completed, for the purposes of verifying the identity of the customer. This facility is also useful in logging and processing information relating to drive-offs or no-means-of-payment events.

In addition, at the start of each sales transaction on the till a digital snapshot of the customer is taken and tagged to the transaction data. This can then be viewed and printed from the back office.

If when viewing any of the live video streams on the till display the operator wishes to take a permanent record of an event, they can take a digital snapshot by simply pressing a button on-screen. This snapshot is then passed to the back office computer for viewing and printing.